WATS Where Art, Technology and Science Meet 


WATS Lab (Where Art, Technology and Science Meet), is a collaboration of Clubes de Ciencia México with TRES. Our goal is to expand access to spaces for interdisciplinary thinking that allow the generation of innovative projects at the interface of art, technology, and science. We strive to create a space that nurtures artistic and scientific projects by deploying an international network, and collaborative activities such as seminars, laboratories and exhibitions. WATS Lab is designed to bring together polyphonic voices in a space to foster the creation of short and long-term projects that highlight the diffuse boundaries of different fields.

In this first edition we have selected a group of 10 specialists in the fields of arts, science and technology from Mexico and abroad. This group will design and implement two intensive laboratories and will nucleate future colaborations at the interface of art and science.


This program is focused on: