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Clubes de Ciencia México is committed today more than ever to expanding access to high-quality science education. We strive to motivate the next generation of scientists, technologists, and innovators in Mexico by creating international networks.

Stay home edition  

When: from July 6 to August 8

Where: Zoom

Call: Coming soon!

Description: This initiative consists of a series of six online workshops for high school and undergraduate students. We developed these workshops in collaboration with the University of Chicago. There will be two weekly sessions of 2-3 hours each (the schedule is pending).

These Clubes will be taught by young scientists from the University of Chicago and other recognized educational institutions in Mexico:

  1. Materials and Physics: Liquid crystals and mathematical modeling
  2. Going with the Flow: How Blood Clots Form
  3. From the Lab to the computer: combining methods to understand protein structure, function, and protein-ligand interactions.
  4. Microbiome: Genomics and bioinformatics
  5. To be defined 
  6. To be defined 

Requirements: Having completed the second year of high school 

Language: Spanish. Some of the material could be in English (presentations, videos, etc)

Limited spots are available! 

When: August 10-14, 2020

Where: We will use different digital tools (such as GitHub Classroom, Slack, Zoom, Google Colab.)

Open Call: Coming soon!

Description: The CdeCMx Challenge's goal is to open an online space for collaboration where high school and undergraduate students can learn and develop skills to solve problems. Instructors from the USA and Mexico will assist students in solving problems; programming, data science, machine learning, and their intersection with other areas of knowledge. The students will have access to a series of educational materials to help them prepare before the Challenge week starts.

 Limited spots are available!

When: Every Wednesday of May and June 2020 at 6 p.m. CDT

Where: Zoom and Facebook Live

Registration: Event open to the public through our social networks. If you have previously participated in Clubes de Ciencia Mexico, you will receive an email with a personalized invitation and a zoom link.

Description: Experts teach webinars in different areas such as virology, immunology, medical device manufacturing, and evolutionary biology. The goal of these webinars is to communicate recent research and explain basic concepts for a better understanding of issues related to the current pandemic situation.  

One hundred places are reserved for participants to interact with the speakers through a Zoom session. Students who register to at least four webinars will get a certificate of participation. 

When: Every Friday of May and June 2020 at 6 p.m. CST

Where: Facebook Live

Registration: Event open to the public through our social networks.

Description: Science café is a space for dialogue that aims to address different topics in a casual atmosphere. We discuss topics such as education opportunities, professional development in the STEAM area, experiences studying abroad, summer research programs, the interface of art, technology and science, scientific communication, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property.  

When: Stay tuned for a new episode every Monday from July.

Where: Spotify and SoundCloud

Description: Follow our podcast "Clubbing at home: the podcast" through Spotify and SoundCloud!. In this podcast, we will address exciting topics in science and technology. Members of our Clubes de Ciencia Mexico community and invited scientists will talk about their work, experiences, achievements, hobbies, and more. 


MiniMOOCs are short online courses available in our platform 

These five courses are focused on different research areas related to energy, such as:

  1. Synbio and Biotech: from molecules to biofuels
  2. Earth and atmospheric sciences: energy in the living oceans
  3. Nano-energizing the world: Nanotechnology at the service of energy sustainability
  4. Tonatiuh as a source of energy: Driving the world with solar technologies
  5. A Journey towards energetic sustainability: From fossil fuels to nuclear fusion


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